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Dustin Hurst


Elder Hurst at the facade of La Carlota Chapel
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Elder Dustin Stephen Hurst of Clearfield, Utah finally completes his 2-year mission here in the Philippines Bacolod Mission on 27 June 2007, which is tasked to a philosophy of "called to serve, return with honor, and continue faithful".

Of course, he will be emotionally affected of this situation for he will be leaving behind his "converts" on their home wards and branches. He will be missing their bonding, camaraderie, among others.

Elder Hurst is an exemplar of being obedient in finding the lost sheeps of Heavenly Father back to the fold. Through this, he wants to "proclaim salvation to very creature." He regards it as "the greatest thing to bring souls to Christ." And he perfectly did it by going out on a mission. He successfully completes it.

Everywhere he is assigned, Elder Hurst is well-esteemed by his fellow missionaries and companions. the Church members he worked with, and even the "investigators" of the Church.

The following excerpts from the writings on his book of remembrance will speak of him:

"I am amazed how gospel binds us missionaries...thinking about other races, different cultures, sometimes ideas and opinions; but it'sonly one thread that binds us all -- FAITH," inspired Ginalyn Obedoza Opiana.

"Missionary work is so demanding. It needs your devotion, dedication and willingness. Missionary work is very important," asserted Hayde Baladjay.

"Missionary work is such an amazing life and experiences..." recalled Elder Dorufan, Hurst's companion in La Carlota 1st branch.

"I admire you for being diligent in the Lord's work. I really do appreciate and feel the spirit...maski dungol ka, pero masadya," pointed out Jennifer Muyco of La Carlota 1st Branch.

"A great missionary. You are blessed with a talent to be able to get along with people," wrote Elder Maihi Brown of New Zealand.

"Funny, handsome, talented person...hard working missionary," added Elder Leonardo John Saguirre, Jr.

"...had a jolly nature to make people laugh," declared Sister Yllamar P.Bajamunde.

"A funny kid and a good missionary," commented Elder Dan Castellano.

"Even though, it may have seemed that you were assigned on the edge of the world, you were still the life of the zone," relayed Elder Myles Thomas.

"Ikaw gid ang pinaka-sadya nga kano nga nangin-companion ko kay sagad ka magjoke," disclosed Elder Vic Madriaga.

"Panay Central won't be the same without 'MANSQUITO'" divulged Elder Shared San Jose.

"Sagad gid sa imo sa lahugan kag sadya gid ikaw. Sadya gid ang Panay Central with you," expressed Sister Dumajil.

"You really do have a special ability to get along with people," penned Elder Taylor Lines, Hurst's companion in Antique.

"It's been kind of sad around here without you. We don't have anyone in the zone that makes jokes like you," informed Elder Jonathan Allen Rice.

"Duro gid ang natun-an ko halin sa imo. Ang imo pagkapisan kag pagtinguha sa pag-obra," told Elder Siobe Kapeli.

"Sadya sa imo. You are funny...hilarious. You can maker the most sad person laugh...it comes naturally. You are the most talented missionary I'ver met. You've got the 'coolest' neckties here in the mish." stated Sister Jacqueline Castro.

"Elder Hurst- aka The Logger, The Slug, the Submarine!Long live the Squatter and the variety of Toilet Stoppers laid in its variety Basin!!! I'll never forget the companion I fasted for," stressed Elder Tanner Whittington.

"We can't forget an exceptional missionary like you," said Sister Gina Chua of Calinog, Iloilo.

"Ikaw ang pinaka-funny na missionary na na-assign diri sa Escalante branch, Kadakoy...sadya na missionary ba!!!" said Cutie.

"Masinadyahon gid timo. Salamat sa imo nga pagkamangin mabuot sa amon. You're the best. Sibalom # 1 pag-un pag-un gid eh," told Ma. Rocilen Baradas of Sibalom, Antique.

"You are one of the great missionaries of God. You've helped us so much in the work. You keep everything fun. You're a happy man and you deserve to be happy forever. Just keep it up!" relayed Fanneza Sabordo of Escalante City, Negros Occidental.

"The best cool missionary.. awesome.. funny guy.. Sagad sa memory.. talented gid," mentioned Sister Reina R.Reduban of Leyte.

"You screw around a lot and make the most hilarious jokes. You are an amazing missionary. Your heart is really in the right place," stated Elder Kevin Oberg.

That's how they highly regarded Elder Hurst. Completing his mission, Elder Hurst has been assigned to Sibalom, Antique as his first assignment, then to Hinobaan, Negros Occidental. After that, he was assigned to Victorias, Negros Occidental and then he was transferred to Calinog, Iloilo, followed Escalante. And his last area was La Carlota City, Negros Occidental.

Bon voyage Elder Hurst. God bless you!

Posted 24 June 2007

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